Little Gym – 3-6 Year Olds

Watch your child progress from roly polys to cartwheels, whilst gaining confidence and having lots of fun & giggles along the way.      

Our Little Gym sessions are for toddlers and pre-schoolers wanting to start gymnastics in the Leicestershire area. These sessions have been specially planned to help your child flourish with confidence whilst attaining developmental milestones in a friendly & safe environment.

Every session starts with a warm up game or warm up to music with a qualified instructor. This is great to get your child engaging in the session and slowly challenge their core fitness components.

When you join the Little Gym classes your child will be allocated a qualified gymnastics coach who will work with them to progress through their pre-school certificates.

When they reach each gymnastics level your child will receive a certificate to recognise their achievements.

Little Sparks


In this class your child will learn the correct fundamental positions in gymnastics, such as the tuck, pike and straddle as well as learning the essential locomotor skills needed such as running, hopping and jumping onto targets. The coaches will move on to work with your child to explore twisting and rotating as well as hanging, running and swinging from bars.

Little Ninjas


At level two your child will learn the basic body positioning & body shaping that’s required for most gymnastic skills. They will start putting fundamental positions together such as a forward roll, backward roll and half handstand as well as balancing skills ready for the beam. They will also be starting to build muscle strength ready for endurance on bars.

Little Jedis


The little Jedi start to get ready for progressing to the Gymnastics for All or Advanced classes. They will start to perfect the basic shapes and combining of skills, moving onto more advanced levels on all pieces of gymnastics apparatus.

All three stages are completed with fun visual aids and demonstrations.

Timetable & Prices

Gymnastics For All

6-12 year olds – We allow younger gymnasts to take part when they have completed the Little Gym Stage 3 (Little Jedi) certificate

The Gymnastics for All classes allow young gymnasts to develop their skills in a fun and structured environment and gives them the opportunity to:

  • Attain Badges – British Gymnastics recognised proficiency awards
  • Attend Competitions – Gaining confidence and striving for excellence
  • Take part in the Adams Gymnastics Annual Leicester Display – an opportunity for gymnasts to show off their talent to family and friends

Our qualified coaches help your child to tackle challenges at their own pace through setting realistic goals so that your child can grow and gain confidence whilst being rewarded with certificates & badges.

In order to ensure the quality of the coaching each gymnast is allocated a coach with a working ratio of 7-8 in each group for a 1 hour. During this session gymnasts will experience a variety of fun activate, such as floor and vault and mini Olympic apparatus.

Youth Gymnastics

13- 16 year olds Aimed at teenagers with prior gymnastics experience who wish to continue to develop their skills, but at a comparatively relaxed pace and with competition participation an optional extra, but not a requirement.

The sessions are more relaxed than the Advanced Programme but will still challenge the gymnasts as they improve their abilities. We also work on fitness, strength and flexibility which as well as aiding gymnastic development will also provide benefits for other sporting endeavors. 

The Youth Gymnastics squad participate in the Adams Gymnastics Annual Leicester Display, a great opportunity for all the young gymnasts to showcase their skills.

Youth Gymnastics is available to teenagers who have previous gymnastics experience.


The Advanced Programme is for gymnasts who have a great love for the sport and who have completed all eight levels of the British Gymnastics Core Proficiency awards.

The Advanced session runs for two hours, giving the gymnasts more time to develop their skills with more time dedicated to each piece of apparatus. It is a more challenging programme and requires a higher level of fitness and a strong willingness to improve.

All gymnasts in the Advanced program and will be expected to compete in the Leicestershire competitions and participate in our annual display display

Timetable & Prices

Born to move
Fitness Classes For Children and Teens

Keep the little ones busy with a workout designed just for them!

Adams Gymnastics can get help improve your child's fitness with an hour long class specifically designed to improve strength, agility and cardiovascular fitness. This can also enhance your child's performance in other sports, such as golf, tennis, football or many other disciplines.

All abilities and fitness levels are welcome and the class also provides a chance to meet new people and make new friends. 

This active and fun session includes a variety of cardio exercises, correct running drills, plyometrics  and upper body strength work and will boost your kids’ fitness levels and agility, whilst boosting self-confidence and social skills - perfect for encouraging teamwork & healthy competition and improving coordination and balance.

When your child joins the fitness session, she or he will be given a  progression book with fitness or technique goals to achieve over time and these goals will marked off with stickers as they are achieved. 

At the end of each term parents are invited in for a session to join in with their child and keep them motivated. 

Not only is it great fun for the kids, but it’s crucial for teaching them how to stay fit and active, and to learn how this affects overall health. Good habits are developed over time and if they’re set at an early age it’s that much easier to keep them – which at Adam Guymnastics is something we take very seriously.