How To Join

Step 1 – Book a Taster Session

At Adams Gymnastics in Leicester, we offer one taster session for your child to try gymnastics with no commitments and a one off fee of £6 for the class. All taster sessions will be at the end of the calendar month and we will get in touch via email or phone to confirm which session you’re booking into.

We can’t guarantee spaces will be available as some sessions are fully booked and starting waiting lists.

Child Gender

Is your child physically fit and healthy to participate?

Does your child have a disability ?

Here at Adams Gymnastics, we take your privacy like our gymnastics, VERY seriously. By sending your enquiry you are agreeing for us to contact you. We are happy to update or remove your details and will only share your information with our licensed data processors.


What to expect in your child’s taster session

Depending on the child’s age he or she will be in the gymnastics for all session or the little session program (see classics be more details) They will get to experience all pieces of the gymnastics apparatus to get a feel of what they will be doing if they choose to join. We will partner them up with a friend buddy to go round with, making them feels more and can enjoy the gymnastics session more.

This will give me changes to see which sessions fit in best if they want to join the club.

What should my child wear to a taster?

Gymnasts work in bare feet and the girls will wear a leotard with shorts/legging or a t-shirt and shorts is fine.

Adams Gym has a set uniform that you can purchase from front desk.

For members who wear a hijab, make sure this is tucked into the leotard or t-shirt, alternatively Adams Gymnastics is sported by Nike Pro which provides a sports Hijab, you can purchase at front desk.

Varuccas should be covered by a waterproof coating and secure plaster, swim sock, or suitable non-slip gym / dance shoes or swim socks. Socks are not suitable, as likely to slip on the apparatus. All piercings, jewellery and watches need to be removed before the start of the class. It is not the coach’s responsibility to look after any valuables.

Water Bottles – please ensure that your child comes to their session with a full water bottle.

Learning a new sport is fun and social

Trying gymnastics in Leicester is a great way to step outside a child’s comfort zone by trying a new activity will get over that initial fear. Your child might or might not like gymnastics, but your child has already become a different person just by trying something new and changeling.